Sebata Kgomo Mining Directors Ė Adding value through empowerment

Sebata Kgomo Mining is headed by a team of experienced, enterprising individuals. They have combined their expertise in various fields to benefit the company. They ensure that it remains grounded on solid business principles without suppressing the entrepreneurial spirit that brought them together.

Mr. Vincent M. Phaahla
- Executive Chairman
BA, BSc, MeD, MSc. (U.Penn. USA), Cert. Mining (UNIN).

Vincent M. Phaahla is a qualified professional economist who is also involved in various business activities including Mining, IT, Consulting etc. He is currently the Chairman of Sebata Kgomo Mining (Pty) Ltd., Executive Chairman of Matuba Holdings (Pty) Ltd., and the Chairman of Tjate Platinum Corporation (Pty) Ltd which is a mining empowerment company that has been granted minerals rights and is in the process of establishing a R2.5 billion mine on the Bushveld complex.

He served as the deputy President of NAFCOC at national and the President of NAFCOC in the Northern Province. He is currently the Secretary General of the South African Mineral Development Association (SAMDA), a Chamber of Mines for Junior Mining Companies. He is also involved with policy formulation by serving in the ANC Economic Transformation Committee at Provincial level.

He studied in USA and holds the following degrees:
BA (Political Science), Cheyney State College, USA
BSc (Economics), Cheyney State College, USA
MSc, International Development Economics and Appropriate Technology, University of Pennsylvania, USA
MeD. Cheyney University, USA
Post Graduate Studies in Economics at Boston University
Certificate in Mine Management & Entrepreneurship, University of the North

Mr. Phaahla was awarded the United Nations Fellowship while in the United States and was the economic advisor to Sir Michael Manley, the late Jamaican Prime Minister. He lectured part-time at Universities while he was studying in the United States.

He has published several research papers both, in South Africa and abroad. He has authored and co-authored several NAFCOC policy documents including Land Policy, Economic and Development Policy Framework for Post Apartheid South Africa, NAFCOC input on Macroeconomic Policy, NAFCOCís position on Inflation Targeting, Restructuring of the South African Economy etc.

He was the co-chairman of the ANC-NAFCOC Joint Economic Commission. He is the founder member of NEDLAC and serves on it representing NAFCOC on the Public Finance Chamber. He was a member of President Mbekiís Economic Advisory Committee (Presidential Working Committee) representing the Black Business Cauncil. In addition he was a member of the Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Forum. He conducted a feasibility study for the School of Mining at the University of the North. He subsequently initiated that mining School.

He was in political exile since 1979 and he returned in 1991 after the unbanning of revolutionary political organizations. He serves on the Economic Transformation Committee of the African National Congress (ANC) in Limpopo Province. He delivered the Keynote address at the Commission on Gender Equality at the 2000 Annual Conference at Eskom Conference Center in Midrand.

He held a number of Executive positions in companies abroad and in South Africa:Director of Research and Chief Economist at NAFCOC; Senior Manager at SA Housing Trust; Senior Manager at Digital Sales and Services; Marketing Director at Sechaba Technologies; Chief Executive of Nakaphala Consulting; Executive Chairman, Matuba Holdings etc.

He is a non-executive Director of several companies including:Tjate Platinum Corporation (Pty) Ltd.; Gateway International Airport (Pty) Ltd.; Nakaphala Consulting cc.; First Choice Computers cc.; Lekwebepe Mining Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd.; Sebata Kgomo Mining (Pty) Ltd, etc.

Mr. Phaahla has traveled extensively in the country and abroad and visited countries such as USA, Canada, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Germany (East & West then and now), Cuba, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Holland, Zambia, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, China, Switzerland, Belgium, Taiwan, Australia, etc.

He is a member of the following Associations: Professional Economic Panel; Black Management Forum; National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NAFCOC); Association of Black Accountants of South Africa; Sekhukhune Economic Kgoro South African Mineral Development Association

Mr. Phaahla was also involved in the Anti-Apartheid activities including participating in the following Structures abroad: Member of the Board Directors/ Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA; President of the Graduate and Professional Student Association at the University of Pennsylvania; President of the African Studentís Association in Pennsylvania, USA; Executive Committee Member of the South African Studentís Association in United States; South African Anti-Apartheid Coalition in the United States.

Mr. Edsel Phasha
BComm. (U.Bop), Cert. Mining (UNIN)

Mr. Phasha brings a wealth of experience to the company from his practical and academic background in the fields of Financial Management, Information Technology, Operations Management, Organisational Development and Business Finance. Mr. Phasha has extensive experience in the business and mining fields.

Ms. M Grace Mashabela-Lukhele
BA Cur, BProc, Cert. Med Law (UNISA), Dip in Conciliation, Mediation & Arbitration (AFSA)

Ms. Mashabele-Lukhele is a conveyancer and an attorney of the High Court of South Africa following her admission in 1998. She runs her own practice in Pretoria. She is the Chairperson of the Military Arbitration Board. She serves as an Executive Committee Member of the Health Professionals Council of South Africa and is a member of the Ethics and Tender Committees of the same.

Kgoshi Lengwai A. Masha
BJuris (UNIN)

Lengwai Aaron Masha is a traditional leader of the Masha Makopole Traditional Authority. He is a head of the community that owns several farms with vast deposits of PGMís chrome and other minerals. He also serves on the leadership of CONTRALESA which represents all traditional leaders in South Africa.