Sebata Kgomo Mining Company Profile – Adding value through empowerment

Sebata Kgomo Mining (SKM) was formed by a group of enterprising black businessmen in 2002. Our vision is to transform the potential wealth buried in South African soil into tangible wealth. We will do this by engaging in sound business practices that will benefit the company, our partners both local and international and the larger community.

Rich in BEE
Sebata Kgomo Mining is the first major black-initiated and black-owned mining company. This is in accordance with the South African’s government’s goal of creation and redistribution of wealth among the historically disadvantaged groups.The transfer of skills, provision of finance and shareholding are a critical component of our operations.

“Sebata Kgomo’s can be considered the correct model for economic empowerment as it is intended to create value instead of recycling and transferring the already existing value or wealth to the small black elite.” Mining Mirror, 2004

The Sebata Strategy
The transformation of South Africa presents various economic opportunities in the private and public sectors. The Mining Charter and mining legislation provide a sound economic base for black entrepreneurs to contribute to economic growth and generate new employment in the country.

Sebata Kgomo Mining intends to utilize these opportunities by:
• Forming partnerships with relevant stakeholders
• Acquiring licenses from the government
• Use of sound management and technical skills
• Community and government facilitation

Nature of Business
Sebata Kgomo Mining is mainly engaged in mining for the platinum group metals (PGM). The company has acquired three properties in the eastern limb of the Bushveld Complex in Limpopo Province and is in the process of setting up a platinum mine there. These properties are bordered by the Implats’ Marula Mine and the AngloPlat’s Twickenham-Hackney Mine at Tjate under the auspicious of Tjate Platinum Consortium.

Sebata Kgomo is also engaged in negotiations for manganese and diamond prospects in the Northern Cape Province. Sebata Kgomo Mining will be the premier BEE mining company in South Africa. SKM is the majority shareholder in Tjate Platinum Corporation (TPC).

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