Sebata Kgomo Mining Social Responsibility – Adding value through empowerment

The area of Sekhukhuneland is one of Limpopo’s most remote regions. Its geographic isolation is partially responsible for the widespread poverty found there. Sekhunkhuneland is however one of the potentially wealthiest regions in South Africa. It is rich in mineral resources and natural beauty. Sebata Kgomo is involved in various social responsibility programmes in this region.

The employment policy of Sebata Kgomo Mining is geared towards the meaningful employment and participation of the locals, especially women, in all aspects of the mining operations. Approximately 2000 jobs will be created once operations commence. The company will ensure complete transfer of skills to employees.

Creation of a trust that will act as a shareholder for the Djate community in the consortium created to exploit the area’s mineral wealth. Dividends from this will be used in projects for community upliftment.

One of the properties in the Eastern Bushveld Complex where Sebata Kgomo Mining is involved in operations is Dsjate. This site was the stronghold of the great warrior king, Sekhukhune and also acts as his burial grounds. Sebata Kgomo will ensure the preservation of these burial grounds.

Sebata Kgomo Mining will further contribute to the community through the development of infrastructure e.g. roads, electricity, recreational facilities, educational and health facilities.